Locksmith Columbus

A little about QuickPro Locksmith


   QuickPro Locksmith is a 100 percent mobile                                company. Our service area is basically a fifty mile radius, give or take, from our home office which is located at 4200 Regent street, Suite 200, Columbus Ohio 43219. Check out our website. We are small company with 1-3 employees, but don't let that fool you. Our employees are extremely hard working, and very experienced in the field of locksmithing. We send our hand picked group of technicians to locksmith seminars and training courses all throughout the United States. This alone shows just how dedicated and focused we are to provide the best locksmith service to the residents of Columbus twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, and three-hundred and sixty-five days of the year.

Emergency Locksmith

   The emergency locksmith service we provide is impeccable. Having almost immediate response times is what we strive for. The moment you call our dispatcher, he will ask for your name, address, location, and what type of job you need. One of our technicians will receive all of this information and drop everything he is doing, by the time you are off the phone. The technician will then give you a call to verify the information and give you an estimated time of arrival, which is usually about 15-20 minutes depending on your location. An emergency call usually consists of car lockouts, house lockouts, and whatever else you need in a rush.

Automotive Locksmith

  Automotive Locksmith generally consists of making car keys, repairing or rebuilding damaged ignitions, replacing ignitions, programming high tech transponder keys, and changing or re-keying the locks on a car. Unfortunately the only service we cannot provide is high security laser cut keys for newer cars; Volkswagen, Honda, Toyota, Mazda, Jaguar,  and Lexus generally falls into this category. Don't be deterred though, we can make keys for cars since the beginning of it's history! That's right almost any car, new or old, we are more than qualified and capable of working on. A quick tip for keeping your ignition in good working order is to not have a heavy key chain, the weight from the keys bends the wafers inside the ignition as your car goes over bumps in the road.

Residential Locksmith

   Our team of professionals are dedicated to making you feel safer inside your own house. We treat all of our customers like family, as our technicians never leave you're house without knowing they did an absolutely amazing job. We carry most brands and all types of locks that will fit a door of any kind. If you are looking for high-security options for you're house, we can help with that!

Commercial Locksmith

​   You're mind will be at ease when you call QuickPro for you're business. We are a trusted name with the local Columbus business owners. We have an array of commercial hardware and locks, whether you need a high powered magnet security lock or just a tune up on a lock, QuickPro is your trusted source for all locksmith needs.